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    Böhmen (Süd)

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    This ain't Facebook in 2008 ...you don't have to tell everyone your bad excuse for not coming to my birthday party.
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    Battle of Austerlitz

    Battle of Austerlitz
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    Great Naval of 2018

    admin please
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    Battle of Waterloo

    The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of theNetherlands. A French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition: a British-led Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington, and a Prussian army underthe command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt. The battle marked the end of the 20 year Napoleonic Wars.
  11. DearUncleSam

    Unban this poor dude, he wants to play after so many years.
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    Won't be here for this one, good luck!
  13. WaterPolo

    Hello! Thanks for applying for the unban. The server is currently not run by the 59th, but is still owned and hosted by members of the 59th. We've unbanned the majority of players on our banlist, but unfortunately you are in a special group that's restricted from unbans. Please send me a direct message on discord if you want to talk further about this matter at www.discord.me/nwrp NRP Staff will come to a decision to this unban request soon.
  14. Grandmaster Wootz

    Name(s): Johnson#7796, Diomedes Position/Job(s): Discord Ranker, head admin of NRP What did they do: Make insightful comments into the nature of NRP's Discord community, demote wilhelm
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  16. Ewoksson

    Yes, there were some voices within NRP calling for the entire regiment to be banned, however it never happened. This means you must've been one of few extras abusing the flag glitch to crash the server on purpose, or otherwise vocally voicing an imbecile opinion. I would've been all for forgetting the past, but not if people ain't owing up to their past. There's an easy way, also known as interviewing admins responsible for the ban. I just talked to Rez and he's familiar with the name and confirmed that there was no mass-purge since Shockwave got talked out of it. Thus if someone is in the special section of the ban list it's not because they accidentally ended up there. They certainly did some stupid shit.
  17. Ewoksson


    Join us on March 23rd 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT)
  18. Skeeprr

    NRP Username: Skeepr Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114229688/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: I am a very capable leader and I do not waver in the face of adversity. My strategic capability would make me a strong asset to any army. However, my aggressive strategies can lead to large casualties, but can also lead to a win in a situation that would otherwise be impossible.
  19. IsaacWantsAnUnbanPls

    Nope, still banned, just checked
  20. Predator

    about a year ago all people were unbanned as far as i remember. Except for the really bad ones (ddossing etc.). So you shouldn't be banned after all.
  21. novalpro

    Name(s):Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi (Saladin) Position/Job(s):First sultan of Egypt and Syria, Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. What did they do:Led military campaigns against the crusading forces Why do you like them:Not only is his skill at commanding armies admirable, but his mercy was. For context, when the crusading armies entered Jerusalem, they slaughtered everyone they saw, Jewish, Christian or Muslim. They killed so many of them that it is said the blood was knee high, after that they turned The Aqsa mosque into a stable for their horses. It is also said they would take children from their mothers and bash their heads against the wall, you get it, pretty grim. When saladin finally took back Jerusalem from the invaders, rather than do what they did, He showed mercy to the people living there. He didn't oppress them or anything. Just let them live normally. That's a very impressive thing to do considering what these people did. As for his command skill, I reckon everyone knows about it. What country are they from or what country did they serve: The egyptian sultanate, i guess.
  22. IsaacWantsAnUnbanPls

    Lovely, cheers
  23. DukeOfWellington

    1106967 # Isaacobluf Aka.Autistic Potatoe (Crashing) - Even though I'm not the authority on this matter (Our Lord and savior Diomedes is), I'm certain that if you guarantee good behavior (seeing as there is no way to prove or disprove your acts other than the report) you are likely to get unbanned.
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  25. Isaac

    u what u stole my name mate :O
  26. IsaacWantsAnUnbanPls

    Name not sure, sorry. Was a long time ago but probs had the name "Isaac" in it somewhere GUID 1106967 Date probs like 2016? Service NRP Reason(s) So, i'm not sure if the server is run by the 59th anymore, but i was in a regiment that was led by ex-59th members who left after an argument. I left with them because i was a bit bored of the 59th because it was too big it was a bit too formal for me. Nothing bad. Then some of the members of the regiment started crashing the server and basically everyone with our regiment tag was banned. Bear in mind this was like 3 years ago and i've not interacted with them or the game since. I've come back to the game just for some fun inbetween revision for my exams to remember that i was banned. I did nothing wrong, however my affiliation with the group caused me to be banned. This was a long time ago and the people who led our reg write like anime erotica and stuff why tf would i wanna be anywhere near them. Does "Izu" and "World Edit" ring any bells? Anyway thanks for reading this, i purely just wanna go on the server for some fun as miniseige gets boring after a bit. Cheers boys :)
  27. Accepted. You clearly have a lot of experience and it would be good to have an experienced admin return. Please join the discord if you haven't already since it helps with admin related activities.
  28. DukeOfWellington

    This thread will be used to post lore and battle recaps after each battle. The First Battle of Oberschleisien Studying the 1st Battle of Oberschleisien gives us an insight into the two warring factions, Austria and Prussia. Most notably we can examine their current manner of fighting and the tactics applied by either side. Austria Austria’s battleplan at its core was based upon strength in numbers-both on the offence and defence. With two very large main lines supported by two smaller lines, the Austrian army planned to move as a single unit; command was delegated within a very centralised command. The only deviation from the main group of the Austrian Army were the cavalry and of course, the artillery. We saw initially a defensive attempt by Austria, in which they attempted to dig in and form a wall against potential Prussian attacks. However, a lack of cohesion in some of their units lead to cracks forming which were quickly exploited by Prussian offences. The situation wasn’t helped by a weakness to artillery which was part and parcel of keeping the various lines close together. Cohesion proved to be a problem again once the various regiments began to mix together, and the Austrian Lines struggled to quickly reorganise and react to situations. We saw this when they had an excellent defensive position on a hill, however a lack of cohesion on one of the flanks allowed a Prussian group to reach almost the summit of the hill before the alarm was raised to the rest of the army. However, we also saw their massed command put to excellent use. One of the turning points of the Battle was an offensive lead by faction leader Florian, who massed the army to the left-hand side of the map. A chokepoint in the form of an anchored ship being used to cross the river lead to the bulk of the Austrian spearhead coming face to face with a massive Prussian group. While some seemed ready to pull back and start firing, Florian applied the massed-command plan and ordered all units to push forward through the chokepoint, which the Prussians had not yet fully entered. The Prussian Cavalry-who had been attempting to flank via this river crossing-were caught in the crossfire and took heavy casualties, and the massed Austrian offensive caught the Prussians off guard. The bulk of the Prussian army was slaughtered in the ensuing melee, and with panic setting into their ranks they began to pull back. Another occasion on which a similar tactic was deployed was during a crossing of a bridge, when Florian once again lead the troops forward en masse in an attempt to overwhelm the enemy and secure the area before mopping up the remaining targets. However, it fell short whenever the charge began to dissolve; while the men were ordered to push forward into melee, many of them instead took cover and began to skirmish with the enemy. The dissipating momentum of the charge allowed the Prussians to regroup and push the Austrian offensive back. So far, it seems that Austrian command seems reliant on centralised orders and cohesion within the large bulk of regiments all moving as a single entity. We’ve seen mixed results; in some cases this has given Austria a decisive victory, and in others it has fallen to a final few men managing to fight off a larger side to scrape a victory. Prussia The Prussian Battleplan seems to be one based around manoeuvrability and pressure points. While often splitting the army up throughout the battlefield, Faction Leader Tax Collector prefers to try and isolate Austrian units to take chunks out of the Austrian army at a time, rather than relying on a single successful operation. The Prussian Cavalry does not operate only as a counter-measure to the Austrian Cavalry, but rather in tandem with the Prussian infantry; during a critical melee or charge, the cavalry will swoop in from the flank in order to help overwhelm the Austrians. We saw this during the early stages of the Battle, when the still-strong Austrian army began to pull back from a hilltop in order to prepare for a Prussian advance. When the Prussian army pushed forward, the Austrians were somewhat evenly matched until the cavalry swooped in and sent them into disarray. Flanking seems to be a popular choice for the Prussian Officers; they typically pick weaker parts of lines or defences in order to apply immense pressure and breakthrough. This allows for potentially devastating damage to the Austrian Army, however if they are repelled it can lead to the total destruction of the smaller Prussian lines. The one major weakness suffered by Prussia-from what we saw in the battle-was an inability to regroup once cohesion had been lost. Whether it be the death of too many officers or an offensive losing direction, the Prussian lines often slow to a trickle when trying to attack an enemy position when organisation is low. This twice lead to a smaller Austrian force winning despite Prussian numerical superiority, largely due to the tendency of Prussian soldiers to trickle in slowly rather than regrouping. Regardless, when under the command of their talented officers the Prussian Army is a force to be reckoned with, and Tax’s experience in previous campaigns makes him a formidable enemy. Map Tactics The first few moves of the campaign give us a rough idea of what the plan of both Austria and Prussia entails. It is clear that Prussia intend to be the aggressors, intending to push forward the frontline into Austrian territory. With a three-pronged attack, Tax sent the Prussian armies into Austria, focusing much of the attack on the northeastern border. As Florian moved Austrian armies to counteract this, he seemed more intent on blocking Prussian advances rather than pushing into Prussia. A frontline has developed in Bohemia, with all six armies bordering it. Prussia’s 1st Army was repelled, however it dealt a lot of damage to Austria’s Nordarmee which is now bordered by both the Prussian 1st Army and the Elbe Army. To the south, Austrian’s SudArmee stands ready to either push into Bohemia or use the railroad to flank into Prussian territory. The next battle is for south Bohemia, and it’ll prove decisive. A Prussian Victory will allow them to box the Austrian armies in, leaving most of Prussia’s territory safe and giving them a chance to consolidate their frontline on the road to Wien. However, an Austrian Victory in Southern Bohemia will leave the Prussian armies thinly spread with their western flank exposed and the Austrian Northern frontline secure. - Credits to the campaign writing team and more specifically Scandy
  29. Accepted. You may have been immature in the past but clearly you have developed and are now a regular within the community who shows a decent amount of maturity. Being accepted as trial admin means you will be expected to be active.
  30. Wilhelm_II

    Coming with the new campaign we are introducing a new ruleset, these rules will be used throughout the campaign battles in 3.0, faction leaders and generals should make sure to be well acquainted with these rules to make sure there are no misunderstandings during the battles. Battles Battles take place over 2 Maps of 3 Rounds each. After 3 Rounds on the first map, the map is swapped to the second. In the case of a 3-3 score, a decider round will be held on a third map, different to the first 2. The first Army to Win 4 Rounds in a battle is the victor. The All Charge order will be given when a gridlock has taken place and neither side is attacking. Health Points -Each Army has 15 Health Points (HP) -Losing a round in a Battle subtracts 1 HP from the Army For example; In a Battle where Austria win 4 rounds and Prussia win 2 rounds; Prussia lost 4 rounds in total, and loses 4HP Austria lost 2 rounds total, and loses 2HP Assuming both armies started with 15 If an army does not lose a single round in a Battle, it does not lose any HP. The number of HP an army has does not affect the damage inflicted in battle. An army which loses all of its HP is destroyed and cannot be respawned. Army Movement -An army can move over 2 Tiles in Friendly Territory, 3 on a friendly Railroad, 1 in Hostile Territory. -An army that controls the entirety of an enemy railroad can use it as a friendly railroad unless: -It has already passed over Hostile Tile, in which case it cannot return to a friendly tile. Example: Army -> Friendly Tile -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile -X Army -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile –X If friendly tiles contain a Railroad and are not controlled by Hostiles then an Army can move 3 Tiles. If an army enters an un-occupied Hostile Tile then that tile is conquered. If an army enters an occupied Hostile Tile then it must win a Battle to conquer it. Only One Army can be present in a single tile. Tiles Some tiles have special affects if a battle is fought on them: -Hills: No cavalry -Mountains: No cavalry, attackers don’t have any artillery -All other terrain types have no special factors. -Forts: No cavalry for attackers/defenders Win/Lose Conditions A Faction automatically loses if: -All 3 of its Armies are destroyed -90% of its territory is occupied Likewise, a Faction can win if: -All enemy armies are destroyed -It occupies 90% of the enemy’s territory See you on the battlefield
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