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  3. Jurek

    He probably picked the Russian general class. It was edited to be more zombie-like. Its horse was removed and stats were changed; among others it's faster and stronger now
  4. Rou22eau

    Oh lol didn't know I wasnt logged in. Just to be clear. I did write that ^
  5. Guest

    Yeah I Can vouch. Although I didn't see him say the n-Word I did witness him cheat and being extremely toxic. cheat: I am 100% sure hes cheating. for an example When we were doing tdm (No admin) FRITZ actually ran faster than me. Now this seems fine. But he was a sapper and I was a partizani Unit. I just went around around rping. I was rping as a drunk homeless. I threw all of My things Down which means My speed was much faster than any other Unit. then he suddenly raced pass me as a sapper with his sapper axe, shovel and Sword on him(i could see it on his back) even though he had a full inventory he still ran faster than me without anything in My inventory. I then took a weapon because he was attacking me and went for his head. The club just went Right through his head which means he had made his hitbox smaller.
  6. steffen

    I can say that FRITZ is the most toxic person I have jet seen in this community. He is generally unfriendly and uncooperative, insulting, childish and agressive. I have tried to talk to him about his behaviour but it seems that he is not able to hold a conversation in english. He is the person who gets kicked most when no admin is online because of the things named by Faze above and the things I've named. This has been going on since a long time but now weve had enough and seek to remove him from this community. As Faze has said, him and me are not the only people who've had enough of him. I personally know of Rousseau who claims that he and others saw him cheating (teleporting, smaller hitboxes, faster hitting) on the 19.01.2021. For now this is all I have to say.
  7. Victim Me, steffen, rouses and generally the RPing community on NARC Server NARC GUID 1698724 Suspect FRITZ Date 20/1/2021 (few minutes ago) Text Evidence So I have 3 main witnesses - Butterlord, Steffen of Frisia and Rousea. We have witnessed him saying the n-word. He also is exceptionally toxic and driving players mad such as myself due to his mindset, actions in game and etc. He has no regard to be a sensible dude, he is your average TP try harder trying to ruin your fun time / experience on NARC. He also constantly trolls. Me and many others within the community agree that he should have a ban. I have told him to stop and others told him aswell. He is well aware that he is being reported. I hope this gets dealt with appropriately Thanks Visual Evidence
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  9. Rou22eau

    The "proof" Was Like 30 minutes after the problem ended which means your "proof" isnt Right. I even Said "get into the room we're fucking" as in "get in the room we are rping." I even Told the admin that I Said that. Thats why it didnt count as an rdm. And What you don't mention is that actually got a kind of a time out where the admin didnt revieve me for like 15 minutes. So your statements and proof are totally wrong and misguideing.
  10. Ya_scurvy_dog

    Victim Jebus Server NARC GUID 1662523 Suspect Rousseau Date 19/01/2021 Text Evidence So during town rp i enter a building that was filled with people wearing pink colours. Rousseau suddenly starts attacking me and kills me. His reason was just "rp". I told the admin it was a rdm but the admin didn't classify it as rdm. I ask Rousseau the reason why he killed me, he just says "we raped u" and "rp" as a reason. I kinda lost it because it made no sense to me at all and asked again for a reason. He just says "what is the name of the server"? When i got a respawn, i went to rousseau and asked why he killed me. He just said lmfao. Of course i killed him back, which is a revenge RDM (i told the admin RP as a reason, trying to defend the kill with the same reason Rousseau used).The admin then temped me. Im not blaming the wardening admin (Anne btw), revenge RDM is forbidden. But i just wonder myself, how can be that Rousseau gets to kill me and just say rp for reason while we had no prior conversation on town rp at all. This just seems a blatant RDM to me that was not rightfully judged by the admin in my eyes. I'm not defending my temp, it was deserved because it was a vengeance RDM in the admin's eyes, which is forbidden. I do however want that Rousseau gets at least the same punishment as me, or even a more severe punishment since he started the RDM on me. I dont have evidence of the lmfao (in local chat) he said cause i was already kicked. I do have evidence where Rousseau says his reason to kill me was just rp. Visual Evidence
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  12. Skeepr

    Updated, 18/01/21
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  14. Patol


    I've found it in Kingdoms RP long time ago, looks funny
  15. Patol


    That's how peaceful protest looks like in Town RP
  16. Patol

    The Tower

    Stronghold with monumental tower from Frontiers RP
  17. Patol

    Twin mumu

    The last known representative of Twin-mumu found dead in snowy forest
  18. Patol

    You weren't even Kaden back then and I was alone with mumu when the screenshot was taken
  19. Kaden

    Our screenshot*
  20. Patol


    Arena constructed during Tropico RP
  21. Patol

    That's my screenshot you thief!
  22. Lupky

    I was the human sacrifice dedicated to Valfodr.(thats me in white in water drowning) :c
  23. Skeepr

    All accepted except Marksmanship. Since there is no proof of headshots with any firearm.
  24. Robert Oconn

    Unknown battle [possibly Chalon], October 24th: Breytonia meets feldish troops mixed with Poitrean reinforcements at a river crossing near Chalon. As the main force of Feldish troops quickly moves to the east to deny scout cavalry a flank, four men of Poitres went west to kill Niko-Chan the terrible, an artillery warlord from the north. The squad, Consisting of two officers; one of the CSC and one of Lazarosi, and a Senior NCO of the CSC as well as a random Feldish Conscript, moves through small creeks south of the main river. As they crest the small hill near a cyprus tree, they come within Twenty meters of a Breytonian line of around Seventeen men, including multiple footguards who were armed with fearmsome grenades. Acting quickly the men shot off their rounds into the mass crossing the river, taking them off guard and killing three. Angered by this the still quadruple sized line charged at the scouts, killing the conscript and sending the remainders fleeing. In the confusion, the Lazarosi officer went west while the CSC Men went south back across a creek and up hill. Still being chased by 6 men, the officer proposes a plan. Having seen much fighting together on the NARC Frontier for many years before, both men quickly turned around onto their right knees and began loading while the Breytonians barreled towards the. However neither men were actually loading their firearms, and as the first enemy reached them, they thrusted out with bayonets, hitting the throat and chest of the first two men, then Sergeant Major Gibby drew a large knife and stabbed a third to death while O'connor, the CSC Officer, picked up the musket of the first Breytonian and shot the man following him. Seeing their squad being utterally demolished by veteran troops, the last two men of the Breytonian detachment turned to eachother, then ran back towards the creek and hill, attempting to reunite with the remaining detachment hunting the Lazarosi. Grabbing two more muskets off of the dead Redcoats at their feet, both Breytonians found themselves with mailslots in the back of their chests, and were soon floating downriver towards Allard. Hearing sloshing in the creek both men spin around and see the Lazarosi, grinning from ear to ear with a bloody knife, "Just like aint it boahs" one of them remarked, and the men began to laugh. Actual Photo moments before the attack, several of the breytonians can be seen giving chase, and the words of the CSC officer proposing the tactic
  25. Robert Oconn

    isnt that me and Jack on the roof lmfao
  26. Broke

    vouch for all
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