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  3. QeAntonio

    Forums is ded as game is ded, bannerlord come forum super ded
  4. Emil

    Why is this in general discussion and not in the private web development in the of Admin Section or the public server suggestions forum?
  5. As this wasn't even posted in the correct section, I decided to just talk to both parties about this issue. Both understand what they did wrong, Broke should've charged Sneaky shouldnt of slain broke without warning him in internal chat that he was breaking a rule. Let us try out best to work out everything in internal chat before slaying any admin again please. Thank you.
  6. WaterPolo

    No real evidence, rejected
  7. WaterPolo

    shake my head my head
  8. Earlier
  9. JewishFairy

    Maybe nrp ppl are dead. For example i died in a car accident.
  10. The Guy

    Name(s): Carl Von Clausewitz (Or Carl Philipp Gottfried) Position/Job(s): Major-General What did they do: Wrote an excellent book on military theory that is still relevant to this day (On War, Vom Kriege) and helped fight off the French menace for European freedom and inspired the growth of German nationalism that would result in unification many years later. Why do you like them: I read his book and it resonated deeply with me and greatly affected my view of strategy, Prussia is also one of my most favourite countries historically and he was a great hero from there. What country are they from or what country did they serve: Kingdom of Prussia
  11. The Guy

  12. novalpro

    If anyone has deleted it, please come out here, you deserve a marksman medal.
  13. Generalissimus Kenway

    Did the original thread get deleted or something? I remember spending like 20 minutes manually translating this copypasta into Bulgarian and posted it here... but alas it seems that it has been lost forever...
  14. Pacifist_Musician

  15. Victim Kouhai GUID 0 Suspect I think Bonecrusher Date 14-08-2019 Text Evidence I think bonecrusher deleted my post on Discord #nsfw while it didnt break any discord rules :sad: Furry porn is not against any discord guidelines and should be allowed Visual Evidence
  16. DrStein

    Så. Äntligen verkar det som eran patetiska "server" har förlorat sin överlägsenhet. Visst, ni kan fortfarande släpa in 100 spelare på helgerna, men är detta allt? Jag kan tänka mig en server som får över ett hundra spelare varje dag Vi har alla väntat på detta. alla regementen ni vägrade respektera, allt hyggligt folk ni skrämde bort med era rasism- och fobi-stödjande regler. Allt ert snack om "yttrande frihet" har inte hjälpt er nu, eller hur? Jag kommer ihåg att även när clown-jävlarna i 59de styrde var allt åt helvete, fint att se att det fortfarande är så. Ni vet, vi alla skrattar år er. oss alla. Vi skrattar åt er när ni försöker så hårt att få ert misslyckade gemenskap fungera. Vi skrattar medan ni misslyckas ragga nya spelare, när ni inte kan göra någon nytta. Vi alla skrattar åt er, medvetna om att i framtiden när ni och era ansträngningar är sedan länge bortglömda, då kommer vi fortfarande ha våra supportrar. Helt enkelt, vi sa åt er. Hur många gånger blev ni varnade? Hur många gånger sa vi åt er att en intolerant server som inte respekterar regementen (med tanke på att regementen är den enda anledningen till att Häst och Klinga; Napoleonkrigen fortfarande har några spelare) aldrig kunde överleva? Vad trodde ni skulle hända. Jag skrattar åt er just nu. Vi alla gör det. Njut av edra sista dagar
  17. DrStein

    Forums is Super Die
  18. Chinese_Propaganda

    For the 'Notorious Fighter' medal you require at least 10 melee kills in a round, after checking the logs I cant see that. HOWEVER due to your consistent killing of enemy officers, including @Lexxe you have been awarded the Targeted Fire medal, although in future Screenshots will boost your chances of having a medal request Accepted! Thanks for showing an interest in our medal system and we hope to see you applying for more in the future!
  19. The Guy

    Forum feel empty, no people make post. No post, no people = die. Is forums die?
  20. Generalissimus Kenway

    what do you meaning
  21. The Guy

    Is the forums die?
  22. Name Mortarion Requested medal(s) Notorious Fighter Vouches Isaac Reason(s) discord: Nirandon Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  23. Okay. False. The opposite of true. In context of the quote I was responding to, you claim I said you picked a side. That's not what I said. I said you were using admin commands while playing during an event. That's generally a bad idea. So is that what all this is about? Me being HA of NA? You're getting dangerously close to ad hominems here. Waiting for him may be the best option, but if we can come to an agreement before that then all the better.
  24. There is 0 point in you both arguing about whether Broke saw Sneaky or not, frankly I think an apology is all that is needed and perhaps a watchful eye over Sneaky for a little while to check he isn't being naughty. Apart from that I don't think there is much more anyone can add the points that are important have been made, I think this meaningless discussion and arguing should be stopped whilst we wait for Polo to return and give his judgement on the situation.
  25. it wasn't an accident or misunderstanding. I meant to slay you. "turned to my right" nope you literally turned and looked right at me. And i didn't goad you at all. I was pretty sure you would make a post about it anyway i just wanted to make sure. You also accused me of reviving myself in the middle of last campaign battle which didn't happen. What do you mean "False." you can check discord logs right now. Making stuff up to make you look better is pretty sad especially when you're HA of NA. Better to spend time actually reviving your server rather than typing all of this out of anger
  26. Merkel punched me so I turned to the right and looked at him for a few seconds. I tried to swap to my sword and I found an artillery cannister so I dropped it. Then I continued running. I did not see you. Only Merkel. I was running towards the group that was melee fighting, which was on the other side of the bridge that was ahead of me. False. This is what I said. It's completely reasonable and true. You may not have declared for a side to get a discord role, but you were actively participating in the battle on a side. Using admin powers whilst you're playing for any side in the campaign is a pretty poor decision if you're trying to stay objective and unbiased. In this discord exchange, you say I played with my weapon for 10 seconds. "Played with weapons" implies I swung my sword or something as a taunt From the moment Merkel punched me to the moment I started running again, only about 4 seconds passed. I could accept something like what Joe said earlier, "It was an accident/misunderstanding. Lets move on" if I wasn't goaded in internal admin chat. That behavior is unbecoming a Senior Admin of NRP. Maybe a Trial could get away with that. Even a regular admin possibly. Not a senior admin.
  27. Well there you have it! I still found it a bit unfortunate, but I only saw the actual slay, not what came before. I think this very much clears it up and we will wait and see what lexxe has recorded. I would say we just leave it at that for the moment. Sorry sneaky if I was quick to judge as I didn't see everything. Broke has a point about other admins using the admin panel though, but that's up to duke to enforce. Anyway, I hate seeing you guys argue - pls staph! Cheers! \o/
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