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  3. The Guy

    I served under him. His claim is legit. Voucherino
  4. The_Docteur

    I call Benis on that :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. The Guy

    Big lmao, a sapper only server? XD (sorry, that was too rich to pass up) Despite a lack of rules I think we could take you on and teach you more as a TA. You've got my vouch.
  6. Generalissimus Kenway

    Name Kenway Requested medal(s) Leadership and Battlefield Surveyor (And also the Donator one cause nobody gave it to me before xd) Vouches Spurdo Sparde Reason(s) For being an officer in the Campaign, duh Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
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  8. Name Lycky Age 17 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056526683/ GUID 791899 Hours In-game 1550 Previous Experience Only minor admin experience in M&B, being for a old Sapper Only server that got shutdown where I made sure everyone behaved (a.k.a. prevented trolling). Vouches Honestly have non to vouch for me, haven't made good connections and I'm not in contact with the lad who owned the Sapper Only server. Anyone I submitted on this section would be a friend of mine and therefor most likely seen as biased anyhow. Reason(s) I am a veteran who's always loved these RP games on M&B, especially Napoleonic Roleplay. But what I find here like what made me apply to admin the Sapper server is that if the admin goes off activity dies. I'm very active and hence have the ability to come on and help people in need and keep the RPs rotating to keep the players in the game, thereby attracting more players and more fun, for them and me. Roleplays Battle: Probably the most basic mode, if not enough players it breaks into chaos and simple battle as the gamemode implies. If enough players are on and so is an admin you can setup the two teams, make sure they both got generals (cav. leaders) and officers for the infantry. Then it's simply an organized battle where the admins only have to mind making sure that the rules are followed. War & Peace: Same as battle but the RP begins in peacetime, then there must be a valid declaration of war and then it's full on battle once more, from what I recall you may also assassinate the enemy general in this mode. Assassination: That topic brings assassination to mind, simply a gang of guards protect the V.I.P. who is most commonly the general whilst the other team is tasked with shedding his blood. Town RP: Partizani are permitted to RP as civilians in a town whilst guards patrol the streets and prohibit crime. At a certain point a revolt is permitted and all hell breaks loose. Prison RP: Like town RP with a prison setting and of course less freedom. There's more I know off, and most times just hearing their names makes me remember their rules such as Naval which is kind off obvious. However I don't want to make this text so long so I'll stop myself here. Etiquette and Server Rules I'm sorry but I don't know these by heart and it strongly depends on the RP and of course the admins who sometimes set their own set of customized rules to fit the RP. But many of these rules I don't need to learn as it's more common sense. For an example the ones stated below such as "no spamming" or "no teamhitting".
  9. Generalissimus Kenway

    You know it's bad when Chinese devouches you
  10. Chinese_Propaganda

  11. The Guy

    Vouch from me ^w^
  12. Generalissimus Kenway

    I think the app is nice and all and the only real problem is how active you will be in-game. (Well, NRP isn't too busy atm anyway, so kek) Apart from that, I think you can be trusted and could make a goodmin. I guess it's a /vouch from me; BENIS :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
  13. Greybeard

    The voices made me vouch. Also Noval gtfo. You have no power here (or anywhere else).
  14. Last week
  15. WaterPolo

    good application Actively plays on the server during events as he is the faction leader of CF also plays on it during the weekdays. haven't seen him break a rule on the server, and normally seems pretty fair in the discord Broke could be a good addition to the team. vouch
  16. Wilhelm_II

    No VietnamRP And no DukeRP But I will /vouch anyway.
  17. Name: Broke Age: 28 GUID: 628999 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/ Hours in-game: 371 Previous Admin Experience: I've never adminned a Warband server before, but I've been an admin on plenty of servers for other games, including Arma 3 Altis Life, Conan Exiles, Ark, Reign Of Kings, and a text-based MMORPG (MUD/MUSH) Vouches: Waterpolo, Greybeard, Wilhelm Reason(s): I've spent quite a bit of time on this server for the Campaign and in the discord chat. I enjoy the community and get along with everyone well. I think I'd make a good admin because I enjoy spectating as much as I do actually playing the game Etiquette and Server Rules: English only No spam Proper sentence structure Follow roleplay rules No ramboing No surrender-killing No team hitting No delaying no bp/tnt spam no hacking no trolling no impersonating admins Roleplays: Battle: Random nations, Infantry follows officer/cav follows general, firing line to kill surrenders (on admin/officer command) Assassination: Random vs Russia. Protect the general. All russians are partizani assassins. Cavalry deactivated. Balance in favor of Russia Hostage: Random vs Random, hostage imprisoned by defenders must be rescued by attackers, defenders win if hostage dies during escape Bastille: France vs Russia; french infantry vs Russian partizani. Balance favors russia. Line battle: Random vs Random. Infantry follows officers. Only light infantry/skirmisher can crouch. Only fire while in formation. Town: Russia vs Random. Maintain control of village; Partizani do commoner work with tools until alloted time passes. Other nation is guards; must maintain order. War & peace: Random vs Random, battle game mode. Generals handpicked by admins. Officers follow generals orders. War only declared by generals. Infantry Vs Cavalry: Random vs Random; Forced infantry or cavalry. Infantry form square, cavalry charge on admin command Cavalry vs Cavalry: Random vs Random (No UK). Forced cavalry; line up and charge on command. Capture the church: Random vs Random. Defenders stop attackers from reaching church bells. Defenders may not pass bridge. Russian revolution: Russia vs Russia (Imperials vs communists); communist must go partizani. European city; in favor of communists. Storm the palace: Random vs Russia. Defenders hold gorund, attackers kill every enemy. balance for russia. Stalingrad: Russia vs Prussia; landshut (night) Melee only every third round Volley: Random vs Random; forced infantry. officers picked by admins. Walk in formation, follow admin commands. Trench: France vs Prussia; german village (morning). Western: Random vs Random; forced officer, spanish farm (day) Ambush: Random vs Random; team 1 tries to reach destination. Team 2 ambushes them. Team 1 cannot attack until after team 2 does. First team must get 5 people to destination Naval: Arabian Harbour (night) if > 100 players, Naval battle (day) if <100; ship crew forced; no steering before admin command
  18. if any of you say holdfast you don't belong here
  20. The Guy

    As a member of the staff who has to manage RPs and as a person who has also invented their own Rps I'd like to ask the rest of the community for any suggestions on new RPs. Please list the title of your RP and the rules/gameplay etc and maybe it'll even end up as an official one if it's good.
  21. Earlier
  22. Denied. I am sorry for the awful conduct of some of the admins in this thread. Your app does make you come across as more of what we don't need as admins, that being admins who only show up when they're not really needed. I would be more open to accepting you if the app didn't make this attitude clear. I would happily reconsider if you made another app at a later date since former admins with good experience and no marks against their name are usually welcome back with much gratitude. You can reapply in a week if you're still interested. I must reiterate my apologies for the conduct of some admins here and hope they haven't turned you away from reapplying or even the community as a whole.
  23. DukeOfWellington

    @Frankie Once again i made an assumption that seems relatively logical, someone who won't sacrifice time to make a decent app, why would they do so for NRP is the question it made me think? I didn't know you had little time to spend. Secondly, since i don't really know, yes the app is all i have to base myself on when thinking whether to vouch or devouch Thirdly, you're a ex admin, i took that knowing rps was something that you should know, and applying to be a event admin or normal admin doesn't exist - they're just made up terms, do you see "event admin application" on the top of this page? Admins should be open to both. And as i said we don't need event admins, since we have many but not many regular day admins please read what I said earlier about this so I don't have to repeat myself. And another question which i now ask myself, how can you not have the time to spend a couple dozen minutes admining nrp if you have so much time to write these lovely in-depth replies? And don't take criticism from people as insults , they are meant to motivate you to improve your app and knowledge of rps , nrp etc
  24. @Frankie I apology if you felt misleaded by my post on the old 59th Admin group. I’m sure if you just came at this application a better way you probably would’ve got accepted. But no one wants to accept someone who literally says “I will only admin when the server is full” Yes we need help with events Yes we need help admining the server But no, we don’t want to accept someone who tells us they only want to help us during the time the server is most enjoyable (when it’s full)
  25. < Sorry, forums don't have green text. Past admin from 2016. Worse application than back then, but you had no complaints during that period as far as I remember. @Frankie is honest about wanting to help out when server is full, but not hyped for helping boost during odd hours. Unfortunately, that's the situation for most admins and I wouldn't blame them. The status of the NW DLC after 8 years and M&B after 10 years is nothing we can influence, with the exception of spamming the steam group telling players to join our server to overcome simple, automated servers like the siege and bot servers, thus also gain their players. However, the help might be unwarranted as the admin team is not suffering from malnutrition, and at least a few admins are available during the campaign battles as one of few times they're actually online. Some lead the regiments and there's at least one designated campaign admin. Join the conversation on our discord if you want to help with developing more or other kinds of events, which is another way to contribute. TL;DR: It's not bad with more admins. You should however chill out. You application seemed a bit opportunistic, without implying you're just applying to reserve a slot during peak time, but you can probably realize where people are coming from. It'd of course be further appreciated if you wanted to contribute with more events and/or further participate in the event development on the discord.
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