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  2. Lycky

    Hedgehog or porcupine, it doesn't matter to the exterminator ;)
  3. Skeepr

    Did you just delete the "Reasons and Roleplays" part of the app? You're missing both parts. I suggest you look at some other accepted apps and add those parts as they are very crucial to the app. They show us why you want to be an admin and that you are at least competent of the rules/roleplays at a basic level.
  4. Name: J3sus Age: 14 GUID: 1754317. Steam: (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198357567968/ ) Hours in-game: 711 Previous Admin Experience: None, but I am applying to KRP.
  5. Broke

    אַזוי. לעצטנס, עס מיינט דיין פּאַטעטיק "סערווירער" האט פאַרלאָרן זייַן העכערקייַט. זיכער, איר קענען נאָך שלעפּן אין 100 פּלייַערס אויף וויקענדז, אָבער איז אַז אַלע? איך קענען טראַכטן פון אַ סערווירער אַז געץ איבער אַ הונדערט פּלייַערס יעדער טאָג :) מיר אַלע וואַרטן פֿאַר דעם. אַלע די רעגימאַנץ וואָס איר האָט ניט געוואלט צו רעספּעקט, אַלע די לייַטיש מענטשן איר געשיקט פליסנדיק מיט דיין פּראָ-רייסיזאַם און פּראָ-פאָביק כּללים. אַלע דיין ביסל רייד וועגן "פֿרייַ רעדע" טאָן ניט טאָן פיל איצט, טאָן זיי? איך געדענקען, אַפֿילו ווען די קלאַונז אין די 59 זענען טשאַרדזשד זאכן זענען געווען אַ שאַמבאַלז, עס איז פייַן צו זען זיי זענען נאָך. מיר לאַפינג בייַ איר, איר וויסן. אונז אלע. מיר לאַכן אין איר טריינג אַזוי שווער צו מאַכן דיין אַנדערש קאָלעקטיוו אַרבעט. מיר לאַפינג ווי איר פאַרלאָזן צו צוציען קיין נייַ פּלייַערס, ווי איר פאַרלאָזן צו טאָן עפּעס נוצלעך. מיר זענען אַלע לאַפינג בייַ איר, געוואוסט אַז אין דער צוקונפֿט ווען איר און דיין השתדלות זענען לאַנג פארגעסן אַז מיר וועלן נאָך זיין קעריינג מיט אַלע אונדזער סופּפּאָרטערס. פשוט לייגן, מיר דערציילט איר אַזוי. ווי פילע מאָל זענען איר געווארנט? ווי פילע מאָל האָט איר דערציילט איר אַז אַ ביגאַסט סערווער וואָס וויל צו רעספּעקט ריימבערז (געזען ווי רעגימענץ זענען די בלויז סיבה נאַפּאָלעאָניק מלחמות האט קיין פּלייַערס) קען קיינמאָל בלייַבנ לעבן? וואָס איר טראַכטן איז געגאנגען צו פּאַסירן. איך בין לאַפינג בייַ איר רעכט איצט. מיר אַלע זענען. הנאה דיין לעצט טעג :)
  6. Mystiqe

    ive been playing on the roleplay severals times now and ive are now used to for exsemplan kenways rp just too mention one, then we have the one that where we need to escort Napoleon, the one With the trenches etc, so im okay familar With them
  7. Broke

    How familiar are you with our different roleplays?
  8. Hello there, fellow Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (NA folk)! The new HA of the NA server Broke, Vindication and I are organizing a campaign for this new server but we need help. We are horribly understaffed as far as the campaign is concerned and we desperately need people capable of doing anything related to this. Anyone from anywhere can apply, be you an admin or just a regular player as long as you have skills that can attribute to the benefit of the campaign and the server. I have been asked by Vindication to leave a link to the form here and there is also one posted on our discord at dsicord.me/nwrp. Cheers and goodluck to any and all applicants! - The Guy https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSKPbE48AYepQlrY8_f3n_-8lupxEpQXYB2BhjObzyDT_3dQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  9. Name Mystiqe Age 21 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/212132414/ GUID 1947654 Hours In-game 152 Previous Experience been moderator for the server heroes and generals reddit for like a year now and we got discord partnership for awhile ago Vouches Reason(s) i wanna help where i can, my opinion of the server is that its a lovley and growing community that ive learned to love and wanna see it growing into a even greater community and Yeah, help guiding it
  10. Broke

    Voucherino Acceptederino (to NA) Join is on discord at nwrp.eu/discord please
  11. Generalissimus Kenway

    Edit: Hmm, it seems your GUID isn't anywhere to be found on the banlist, meaning you you shouldn't be banned or the GUID you provided is wrong. Recheck it, and try to remember what name you might've been using when you got banned since we can't find Augi on the banlist either
  12. Generalissimus Kenway

    I will unban you now ; )
  13. Name Ur_Nammu Age 15 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030745106 GUID 1237882 Hours In-game 888 Previous Experience Unfortunately, I don't have any admin experience, but I would like to learn. Vouches None Reason(s) I am generally very active on Mount and Blade (since I usually have a lot of time on my hands). I also want to make the server more enjoyable by cracking down on trolls, being active, and taking suggestions from the players for what rp they want to do (as long as it isn't unreasonable). Roleplays: Battle RP: Very simple premise, two sides face each other on a battlefield, most common rp. Follow the officer of your class No rambos (rambos will be slain) Kill surrenders and surgeons by firing squad, don't kill them on sight. Trench RP: Two sides (inf only) go into trenches and fire at eachother until the admin tells one side to charge Cav v Inf: One side goes Infantry and another goes Calvary The Infantry are given pikes and must make a formation Cav v Cav: Two sides go all Calvary and fight eacother Assasination RP: Russia v random team The General is inside a compound and the attacking team's (Russia) goal is to kill him while the goal of the general's team is to protect the general. Naval RP: Two sides (UK and France) use ships to cross the water and meet each other in combat. Artillery can be used, but it sinks ships really fast. Etiquette and Rules: No spamming No team-killing or team-hitting No tnt spam No delaying Listen to the admin.
  14. Generalissimus Kenway

    oof Well, we can unban you as soon as you give us your GUID, brother - Try joining the server JailBreak_Reborn, it will tell you your GUID once you join and you can write it down
  15. NRP Username: Augi GUID: Don't know Time/Date of Ban: Don't remember to be honest, been at least a couple months. Have you waited at least 1 hour since you were banned: Yup Reason for unban request: It's been a while so I might be a little off here, but I'm quite sure it had to do with me rushing out of the castle at the start of the round. In that case, I was trying to make it to the trenches right outside the walls on this one map. I thought it was allowed, as our team planned it before the round started. If it wasn't allowed, it was purely a misunderstanding. I've played a lot on the server, had tons of fun. Hope I'll be let back in! <3
  16. Hedgehog

    Yeah porcupine are like small dog , hedgehogs could be similiar to a hamster or maybe like a guinea pig
  17. Botmin

    NW Championship 2019

    Created to showcase players in the public Napoleonic Wars community. The tournament will be held with the help of dedicated servers, a team of referees and the honesty of the participants reporting the match results. Please keep the username you sign up with familiar and reachable via Discord and/or Steam. Date of start: 1 July. Sign up will close a couple days before in order to give users a chance to make predictions and allow confirmation of the initial participants. Game mode: Duels thus melee only. Time limit: Seven (7) days deadline per match. Resets per match. Tournament set to take circa 42 days. Combatants: This is a one versus one tournament. No intervention is allowed. Rounds: The pairs will fight to up to seven (7) consecutive rounds and report the winner of four rounds (BO7). Allowed classes: Line infantry. Allowed weapons: Standard musket with bayonet.
  18. Broke

    Come join us on discord at nwrp.eu/discord so me and the other NA staff can get to know you a bit. Otherwise I see absolutely no reason why we shouldn't welcome you to the team. Vouch.
  19. Name: Ben_Smith Age: 17 GUID: 923308 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138974016/ Hours in-game: 1955 Previous Admin Experience: Sadly I have not had any previous admin experiences. Vouches: Have none. Reason(s): While playing on Napoleonic Rp I have noticed that when a admin is not on there is lots of RDM and failed role play so the server just turns into a unorganized battle which is not fun. I am frequently on M&B and play Napoleonic Rp during late and early hours when there is usually not many admins; so if i was an admin I could restore order to the server especially during these hours. As an admin i would make sure people are having fun and following the rules. I would make sure to spawn in any players that joined a little late or players that got rdmed (one thing that I have noticed while I play is that whenever I join the game when it just started or get rdmed it takes a while for the online admin to spawn me in or revive me). As an admin I would make sure that the rules are VERY clear to understand to avoid RDM because when people don't understand how to play it ruins the game. Another thing i have noticed is that a lot of times the admins miss your text when your asking for a revive or need to be spawned in etc, so as an admin I would make sure that i'm aware of people request in chat. Overall I think that I would be a good bonus to the admin team and would add a lot of fun to the server.- Thanks
  20. Benkach99

    Hedgehogs are small but deadly but Porcupine are better I think they're bigger and more scary looking/more dangerous.
  21. The Guy

    I don't see why you wouldn't be accepted... Vouch At the request of the NA Head Admin I am also highly encouraging you to join our discord and chat with those of us in the highest offices of the NA serve to see if you'll be a good pick. Discord: discord.me/nwrp Ping: @Comrade Miles O'Brian, @The Gay, @Rabbi
  22. The Guy

    Your age, info, hours played, all good. You didn't leave any links to the discords you admined or anyone to contact about it. Your vouches section is empty even though you claim to have past experience. This is inexcusable. You referred to the server as a "rp" *facepalms*. Capitalise your "i"s at least please Clean up the app a bit and I'd wholeheartedly vouch for you but I won't do so until then. At the request of the NA Head Admin I am also highly encouraging you to join our discord and chat with those of us in the highest offices of the NA serve to see if you'll be a good pick. Discord: discord.me/nwrp Ping: @Comrade Miles O'Brian, @The Gay, @Rabbi
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