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    not actually banned, here to fill it with something since it's saddenly empty lol
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    Complaint resolved, Isaac left NRP because of Hoops.
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    I can pay 15YT
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    selling gf
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    Head Admin: Chef Boyardee Professional Admin: Simcoe Kixla Maximilio Creative Name Regular Admin: Lantek Cody YaScurvyDog Jurek Singsong1 Trial Admin: Novalpro LoftedLuke
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    In this thread I will present Ranks available for NJB admins, how to receive them and what kind of advantages they bring. 1.TRIAL Admin Every new admin begins his journey to greatness as TRIAL Admin. On this stage admin should spend as much time on server as possible, learning how to properly warden alone or with help of older admins. To be considered for a promotion, TRIAL Admin must show off his good activity, understanding in the basic commands and some alt mods. 2.REGULAR Admin After being considered good and decent, Trial gets promoted to Regular Admin. Keep up the good activity and knowledge and You will be considered for promotion to PROFFESIONAL Admin 3.PROFESSIONAL Admin Such admins are paragons of skill and experience. Examples to follow for every admin. This means that he is skilled enough to manage even bigger amounts of players alone. Reward for his hard work is access to 5 admin-only sounds for usage on server. Additionaly, there is Admin of the Month thingy, where every month activity is being checked, the Admin with highest activity days and time will recive AoTM rank on server + 1 month of chosen skin pieces for guard and a hat for prisoner. How to make a custom skin: Step 1: Open Warband, and go into the Settings in the launcher menu Step 2: Go to the 'Advanced' tab, and tick the 'Enable Edit Mode' option. After that, load the game as usual. Step 3: Once NW has launched, go to 'Multiplayer', and then 'Host Game' Step 4: Find some random map. The map you use does not matter in the slightest. You can choose 'Scene Editing' mode if you wish to from the 'Gamemode' dropdown menu. It doesn't really make a difference. Step 5: Once you are in the map, press Ctrl+E to open the map editing menu. It will hover above the main Warband window as a second floating toolbar. Go to the 'Scene Props' box, and select 'Item Kinds' Step 6: Scroll down the Item Kinds menu, and find the various items of clothing you want your character model to be. To see what each item looks like, click on the respective item and it move around your map so that you can see it hovering. There's no need to place anything down until you've found your favourite item(s). Step 7: Place the item on the map by clicking right click anywhere on it. After this, right click again on the item so that it is highlighted in a strange orange hue, as seen above. Step 8: Note down the exact item name that appears in the bottom left of your screen. For example, itm_french_cuirassier_helmet_officer. Make sure that you spell it exactly as it appears on the screen. This is important. Step 9: When you're done selecting, copy paste the following format to me on discord or forum and fill in the four types of clothing you've chosen for your character. GUID: xxxxxx Helmet: xxx Main Body: xxx Gloves: xxx Legs: xxx Prisoner helmet: xxx These are the only four parts of a character model that you can customise in Warband. Step 10: Press Ctrl+E again to exit scene editing mode. If it asks you whether you want to save changes, select 'No, discard changes'. You should find yourself back on the main menu.
  10. Chef Boyardee

    Basic premise: A new batch of prisoners have arrived in the prison. Whether they are slaves, PoWs, criminals or innocents is not of your concern; Your job, as a guard is to keep them contained and under control at all times. However, many have smuggled various weapons and rumors of a riot never cease circulating. Your boss is the warden, a veteran in all aspects of prison management. He will go through the standard schedule, rotating the prisoners around the prison and do his best at maintain order. You are authorized to kill anyone disregarding his order, however any unjustified kill will be punished with you being dishonorably discharged and thrown in the next batch of prisoners, so be careful! [GUARDS] -Punching and kicking guards or destructible items is not a punishable offence. -Guards may not kill prisoners for past crimes (this includes past and current rounds; if a prisoner hides his weapon for example, he is not to be killed). -Guards may kill prisoners on a direct path towards the Win Point. However, prisoners cannot be killed for delaying orhiding, unless the Warden has ordered otherwise. -During non-live rounds, guards cannot kill prisoners freely. When the Warden calls for a free day, however, prisoners can be killed under the normal rules. -Guards may not camp Win. They cannot kill prisoners who have reached the Win point. -Guards must state a reason after killing a prisoner for any reason. No reasons are required to be given during or after an Order 66 -Guards may not stab, punch or kick prisoners at random. -Guards may not destroy any defenses. -Visible weapons on the belt or the hip (not currently being held) aren’t KoS unless the guard warns the player by typing in chat “drop [weapon name]’’. If the prisoner doesn’t comply within approximately 5-10 seconds, he is KoS. -You can NOT warn multiple people at once. ‘’Drop all weps’’ at the start of the round doesn’t apply. -Orders like ‘’drop wep’’ or just ‘’drop it’’ are invalid as they don’t mention the weapon’s name. -Guns are automatically KoS, even if they are carried on the back. -Guards may not exit the prison or use boats except in the case of an escape. -Guards may not kill any prisoners in spawn before 59:30. -Cane is a disciplinary melee weapon available to guards. Cane hits do no damage. As such it can be used freely to hit cocky prisoners. Detouring, kicking, fisting guard, destroying door, not following orders, possessing visible weapons, hiding, playing dead etc, etc. In 99% cases hitting with cane is NOT RDM HIT and should be treated very lightly as it indeed does no physical harm. -However, setting no restrictions would result in crazy guards slamming with canes everyone, everywhere, repeatedly in a psychotic fit. For such guards admins should issue a warning, and then eventually slay if individual does not comply soon. Basic Terminology: -KoS = Kill on Sight -O66 = Kill all prisoners -RDM = Random Deathmatch (unjustified kill) -Detour = Not going/Going to the wrong direction -[SLAVE] = Rank ‘’awarded’’ to punished players, who now have limited access to game features -Warden = The person giving orders to the prisoners -CW = Community Warden, a person trusted by the admin team who has been allowed to use admin chat Valid Reasons: "Out" = Outside of designated area "wep (warned) [1]" = Weapon (hidden on belt/hip) [hid within 1 second-see below] "Order" = Direct order from the warden (such as "fire once") "Running"/"Escaping"/"Not going" = Self-explanatory "Rioting", "attacked me", "killed another guard" = Non-valid, use one of the reasons provided above. A legit kill without the appropriate reason is still considered RDM [PRISONERS] -Any prisoner holding a weapon may be killed if it is drawn. Visible weapons on the belt or hip have to be warned for before killing. -As ‘’weapons’’ we classify anything that can deal damage. As such items like spyglasses aren’t considered weapons. -Any prisoner carrying a gun, even on his back, may be killed without warning. -All players are to listen to and follow the admins' orders. Their decision on a matter is final. If you have an issue with that decision, report it on the forum (jbr.boards.net). -If a prisoner is killed within 1 second of dropping/hiding a weapon the kill is allowed. Any time after and the kill is to be consider an Accidental RDM. [ALL PLAYERS] -No players or admins are allowed to use the chat in a way that disrupts the server. This includes spamming, trying to antagonize players, trying to mislead others into breaking the rules, and so on. -Regiments may post a recruitment message every 1 map. -Glitching or abusing bugs/flaws in the game or any map is prohibited. Mods are allowed as long as they are cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Examples of such permitted mods are the cheer and dab mods. -Trying to evade punishment by leaving the server will result in a permanent ban. -Wardening priority goes as follows: Admins-> Community Wardens-> Selected Players (from an admin/CW)-> Players Other Gamemodes: JailRun Scenario: The prisoners have been thrown into an obstacle-course type arena by their captors to die by musket fire or drowning, for the amusement of the guards. Who are tough enough to win in a challenge with all the odds stacked against them? Rules: • Guards may not pick the rifle class. • Guards may not fire into the spawn. • Guards may not enter the track. • Guards can fire at the prisoners and prisoners can fire at the guards. • Guards may not shoot prisoners who have entered the win point. • Glitching from either team is slayable. • Prisoners may not delay to reload or hide. Jail Arena • Nobody may enter the arena unless told to by an admin. • Nobody can shoot / throw throwables. • No fighting outside the arena. • Fights only begin with the admin’s order and end when one side has lost all its players. Jail n Seek Scenario: The guards have kidnapped a prisoner and are holding him as collateral in their prison. A band of brave prisoners decide to assault the prison, to free their poor comrade. Will they make it before the guards decide to execute him? • A player (usually a trustworthy player or admin) is to be selected as the VIP. • The VIP cannot give away their location or they will be banned. • The VIP cannot use weapons (even during his escape). • The VIP can’t attempt to disrupt its guards. Punching, kicking, running around and making noise via voice commands may result to an early execution. • The VIP cannot attempt to escape on their own. He needs to be constantly escorted by at least 1 prisoner. • Guards may not reveal the location of the VIP at risk of a ban. • The VIP is to be beaconed once he starts making his escape. • Guards cannot leave the fort under any circumstances. Hunger games • Prisoners must fight each other to the death - alliances are allowed providing they don't delay (like allied prisoners being the last left). • Only admins are allowed to be guards. • Delaying is not allowed. Hiding is allowed providing it isn't delaying. • At as specific time, the admin will enable access to the armory, where prisoners can be supplied with better weapons. • At regular intervals, the admins will activate a deathwall, after warnings on admin chat. Being in the wrong area will result in death. • Admin is allowed for use of GOD MODE in order to avoid early round end if some prisoner sneaks into admin zone due to map flaws. He is absolutely NOT allowed to fight/kill while using it. • The bridge in the center is always safe from the deathwall. Jail Race Scenario: The prisoners have secured the help of a few, collaborative guards, who have promised to give them horses and open the main prison gates during their escape. However, there is only limited space on the escape boat. Hence, the prisoners have to race each other to it, with the first few prisoners who manage to board it securing their freedom. Procedure • Prisoners spawn in a prison-like, walled off spawn. 1. In the admin horse version, they spawn as naked sailors. 2. In the non-admin horse version, they spawn as cavalry from Team 2 • The prisoners get into a paddock each. All prisoners are therefore level at the gate/starting line. • The admins step onto the platform above the gate, and spawn one admin horse in each paddock. The prisoners each mount a horse. • An admin raises the gate, and the players race through the map. • The first player who enters the victory boat has to close the gate onboard as soon as possible. This will prevent any further prisoners from boarding. • Any prisoners who are in the boat before it is shut have won. The rest have lost, and are forever trapped. • Admins will at a specific point in time attempt to run down and kill struggling prisoners. Rules: • Damage should be disabled for all players. Killing another player or their horse is slayable, then tempbannable the second time round. • Players are allowed to anything within reason to impede their competitors. This could be running in front of their horses (so as to halt them), or forcing them off a bridge or ledge. • Players are not allowed to troll other players by blocking deliberately, for any period of time, in a way that would stop the flow of the race. For instance, players are not allowed to block tunnels or other key narrow points in a map. • Admins are only allowed to teleport players who are stuck. No teleporting for other reasons is allowed. • Only two or three players should play as guards. These should ideally be admins. Any other players should be swapped. JailSiege Scenario: This mode plays in a more realistic setting of a constantly occupied prison; new batches of unarmed prisoners arrive at regular intervals and need to hoard weapons from around the prison. They need to riot collectively in order to overpower their armed opponents. Inevitably the prisoners will stage an escape, at which points the guards have to defend key chokepoints to prevent them from reaching their spawn and capping their flag. Rules: • Regular Jail Break rules apply. • Visible weapons are KOS, even if hidden. • X areas are KoS. • Prisoners closing the spawn door will be banned. • Guards may not open any of the three gates unless the admin tells them to. • Guards are obligated to abide by the warden’s commands. Should they not, they can be slayed • Sappers are enabled for the guard team; however, they are disallowed from spamming defenses in a way that disrupts gameplay (for instance they are allowed to build walls on the bridge, but not spam the gate-house with chevaux de frises). Plank spam is also disallowed. • Guards must take any guard weapons on the floor to the armory, as such multiple firearm carrying will be enabled. • Guards may not pick the partizani class. • In the event of a mass riot the warden may order all prisoners to return to their cells (referred to as a ‘’lockdown’’), anyone outside or not going is then KOS until control is retained. • In the event that the mass riot pushes the guards back to the wall the admin may call 'o66’. The guards must then push the prisoners back to spawn and close their spawn gate. • Cannons can be used only during o66. No need to ask admin for permission. (fail to do so = temp-slave) • In order to place/ignite TNT, players must first request admin permission to do so. (fail to do so = temp-slave) • Guards are encouraged not to blob around wherever the prisoners are, after all they are mostly unarmed, guards should patrol the prison and defend out of bounds areas and key points like doorways. • If a riot is called guards are to divert their attention to that location. • The cavalry guards are to patrol around the prison and not to clog up doorways or paths with their horse. Jail Purge Scenario: The prisoners have taken control of their former prison and turned it into an autonomous educational center. The guards, still bitter over their humiliating defeat, send forward the equivalent of a space marine to take them out in a surprise attack. Rules: • The guard-exterminator has a buffed healthpool, resistance to musket and rocket fire and a 1-hit-kill banhammer. He is however slow, vulnerable to being rushed by a large group and takes significant damage from rockets, and especially, melee attacks. • The guard must not delay, but keep advancing. • There is only 1 guard, whose slot changes hands every round. Fortnite RP(FRP) FRP is a variation of Hunger Games mode. Players objective is to kill each other to become the last survivor. Most differences originate from its unique map. FRP map is divided on 4 circles. Green, grey, pink and the very middle of map marked with red. First 2 zones contain plenty of places filled with loot. Last 2 zones are designed to hold a final struggles of remaining alive players. -Admins are allowed to do FRP after reading rules. -this game mode is allowed only with 35+ players. -Admins will ensure short and action packed rounds by "gassing" the zones one after another, till only red middle remains safe. Admin may decide to finally kill everyone, if last alive participants do not comply and fight. -It is a responsibility of wardening admin to ensure that round does not take too long. Time until gassing green zone should be no more than 2 minutes, grey zone should take max 1 min, while pink and red zone should take max 30 seconds. Depending on situation it should be even less (for example when majority of players decided to flee green zone anyway and now just waiting). The "gassing" is executed by using death wall command (/dw). /dwr values for each zones are below: -green zone ---> /dwr 50 -grey zone ---> /dwr 19 -pink zone ---> /dwr 1 -killing everyone ---> /dwr -1 Jail Forts (Minecraft RP) Scenario: The prisoners have escaped from their prison and tried to escape. However, the guards have managed to catch up with them and they now need to survive the guards' assault by using the terrain and materials they scrapped from the prison. To start: •Enable vodka by typing the command /vodka (Will stay until map change) •To enable sapper tools type /sp. This must be done shortly before the round starts or ends. Right after the last prisoner/guard dies type the command. Or as soon as you hit "Reset", otherwise it will not enable. •You have the option choose a Minecraft RP map (In maplist) or a randomly generated map. The best for this is Random Desert Forest (medium) Prisoner Rules: •Prisoners have until 57:30 to construct a fortress •Prisoners must have a minimum of 3 players to start a fort, any less is ramboing •Prisoners outside of a valid fort after 57:30 are to be slain for rambo •Prisoners trolling/destroying sapper defenses are to be slain •Prisoners are allowed to leave a fort after/during it falls to retreat to another (if another is available) Guard Rules: •Are to group up on the admin/team leader at the beginning •Do not charge before 57:30, if they do it is a slay •Generally should stick with their team Special Rules: •Towering is allowed (The building of high, near impenetrable sky fortress). Once guards have secured the base (The general area surrounding the tower), the inhabitants are given a warning and allowed time to evacuate. After the allotted time expires you may bomb/slay the towering prisoners. •As stated above an Admin Weapon is allowed, the grenade is to be used ONLY for destroying warned towers and nothing more, and sheathed immediately afterwards. Tips: •The ideal ratio is the normal 1:3. However, if guards need a buff you should change it to 1:2 •Give both sides advice as they need it Jail Assault: Scenario: Prisoners have freed themselves and now they occupy a big fort. The guards dispatch an amphibious assault to re take that fort. Guard rules: -Only current warden or appointed ( beaconed ) guard may sail the ship and give orders. /slay -Once the docks are reached and charge order is given - no more reloading /slay -No turning back /slay Prisoners rules: -No fort leaving /slay -No hiding or delaying /slay Admin is allowed for use of GOD MODE in order to avoid early round end if some prisoner sneaks into admin zone due to map flaws. He is absolutely NOT allowed to fight/kill while using it.
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    Mod features: Team Manager Team Manager(TM) is a script with the purpose of automatic enforcement of proper teams composition. By default every player is treated by TM equally (priorytize players that were prisoners most rounds for guards) This behavior can be changed by usage of 3 chat commands: /prs ensures that user will be almost always in prisoners team (exception being not enough players to put in guard team) /grd gives player bigger chance to be guard via being prioritized before players that didn't use this command. /spec TM will ignore user and place him in spectator team on round end. Effect of any above command can be disabled by typing it again. Any player can be enforced to any team if admin decides so. In such case none of above commands matter as admin decision is absolute. Prisoners damage lock Feature ensures that prisoners are unable to deal damage untill 2 minutes into round. Fact of prisoners damage beeing enabled is announced to everyone on server, with [SERVER] message. Team/Class lock Feature ensures that players can't change teams or classes freely. When player joins server he is automatically assigned to Team 2(Prisoners). Player do not need to do anything else from now on. Attempts to join Team 1 (Guards) from spectator are pointless and won't work. Due to old game join procedure beeing too confusing for average JB player (old procedure: "join prisoner team") TM forces any spectator player to prisoner team at round end. Spawn occurs automatically. For a way to stay spectator forever read Team Manager section. Item Manager Well known randomized equipment feature for partizani has been replaced by Item Manager (IM). IM has 4 collections from which it assigns items to players. -weapons -trash items (includes instruments and flags) -hats -clothes Each item in collection has its own rarity and occurance ratio. An item can spawn only on set percent of players, no matter its rarity. Of course the more items are removed from collection the bigger chance of rarer items showing up. When server is heavly populated, there is 100% chance that every type of item will show up eventually. Each player gets on spawn: 2 x random weapon from collection 1x random trash item from collection 1x random hat from collection 1x random clothes from collection Treasure Chests Treasure Chests work only in Jail&Siege mode, providing sabres, musketoons or rifles, depending on location. Gate usage notification Custom messages will tell everyone on server who and when used gate. In some cases they will also tell which gate was used. Chat command "/help" By typing /help in chat player can access list of all chat commands available on server. I recommend pressing L for logs to see everything in it. Chat command "/rules" Typing in chat /rules will print basic server rules in chat. Set of chat commands "/s1" - "/s7" Those chat commands allow player to play various sounds. Set of chat commands "/a1" - "/a7" Those chat commands allow player to perform various animations: Cheer /a1 Weird pose /a2 Sitting /a3 Shitting /a4 Drawing bow /a5 Aiming /a6 Pointing with hand /a7 Chat command "/d" The command /d allows the player to play a "lie down" animation, resembling corpse in process. To release Yourself from those poses, press P and then right click
  12. Chef Boyardee

    SLAVES are players that broke server rules by doing something worth a ban. Instead of normal ban(blocking acces to server) NJB adds such player to SLAVE group. SLAVES: -are unable to join guard team in any case. -can be killed without any consequences. -have chat cooldown (1 minute). -chat color is black. -can't use gates. -can't use any objects (for example chests). -can't TK in jail siege. -can't use polls How to spot SLAVE? They always wear special hat:
  13. Chef Boyardee

  14. Wlodek

    Jeremus was CW for a long time, i think he should become CW here aswell- /vouch
  15. Jurek

    vouch from me
  16. [Personal Information] *Your In-game name: Jeremus_Monk *Your Steam Name: Jeremus_Monk *Your Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dimadov/ *Number of Hours on Warband: 1965 *Age: 18 *How high is the level of your English? Do you speak any other languages fluently other than it? Normal English. Russian *Can you please tell us a few words about yourself? Just Russian guy who likes this server. Also I was a CW for 8 months. [Server-related information] *For how long have you been playing on the Jailbreak server?: 1 year or around it *Is there anyone who can vouch for you? (REQUIRED, JAILBREAK ADMINS ONLY!): A Creative *Please list all of the guidelines and rules for Community Wardens in your own words: 1. CW can only wardening when there are no admins on the server OR when they are AFK. 2. CW must abide by the rules of PURPLE chat. (No to racism) 3. CW must command by 3 commands: /y - speak, /poll - punish players by temporary enslavement and /track - to record time. *Your User ID (use this image to help you find it - i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png): 1547739
  17. TRADING THREAD This is thread for all your Trading Offers. You can post here TRADE OFFERS for JBR loot or HAGGLE. Do not post here anything else. You may also make threads on this board yourself if want to. Above rules still apply. Have fun with Capitalism.
  18. EmielRegis

    LOOTBOXES/How to Trade I gonna explain here what are JBR LOOTBOXES and how to use server chat commands to trade: 1. JBR LOOTBOXES - at all times there is a chance for LOOTBOX to spawn after kill. - its RARITY is determined randomly. For example RARE LOOTBOX will drop only RARE or higher LOOT, etc. - each loot can be USED (more about it later) to receive a reward. - each loot will give different reward, depending on type and rarity. Each reward is given for certain time period. This also scales with rarity. - there are SETS of loot that, if completed and used as whole, give much better rewards and for much longer than using single items. - rewards include things like weapons, clothes, hats, skins, visual effects (fire head etc.) and chat tags. - loot is saved on server. Nothing is lost upon leaving. CURRENT LOOT LIST IS HERE: SPOILER: Click to show 2. JBR Currency: YT On JBR we use YT (Yellow Things) as common currency. It is earned just by playing on server with active wardening Community Warden or Admin. It can be used to buy a LOOTBOXES (70 YT each). Type: /buy to get LOOTBOX for YT. It will spawn right in front of you. It can also used to trade items with other players. 3. CHAT COMMAND /CHECK /check [name or part of player name] will show on screen player loot inventory + owned money. To see own inventory just type it alone. Example: /check To see inventory of other player you need to type his name/part of it. Lets say we have a player named "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL". Example, all below will work: /check ANGRY_FURRY_LOL /check ANGRY /check FURRY /check FUR 4. CHAT COMMAND /USE /use [ID of loot] use one of owned loot. ID of loot can be seen after using "/check" command, like 1. 2. 3. etc. Multiple items IDs can be used at once, separated by space. Lets say we seen 1. ALTERRA DILDO (RARE) Example: /use 1 will use it. You can use up to 4 items at once. /use [ID of loot_1] [ID of loot_2 ] [ID of loot_3] [ID of loot_4 ] It follows same rules . Lets say that we seen in inventory 5. ALTERRA DILDO (RARE), 2.USED CONDOM (RARE), 8. CAN OF BEANS (RARE). Example of using all 3 at once: /use 5 2 8 This also allows us to use SETS of items. To get SET reward you must use ALL 4 SET parts at once. Let's say we posess in our inventory all arts of MUH DICK NIGHT OFF SET. 1. Cock and Ball Torture Equipment, 2. Rotten Fish, 3.Kebab, 4. Bowl of Meatballs. Example of using SET and getting SET reward: /use 1 2 3 4 5. CHAT COMMAND /TRADE /trade [name/part from name of player you want to trade with] [ID of your offered item/amount of YT offered] [ID of demanded item/amount of demanded YT] Trade loot items or YT with other player. YT amounts must be typed as YT50, YT100, etc... He must say /yes or /no. Player name follows same rule as described in "/CHECK" chat command. Example of trading our 3. ALTERRA DILDO for player "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL" 2.USED CONDOM : /trade FURRY 2 3 You may also demand YT for your item or offer YT for someone else item. This follows same rules like above, with exception of YT amount typed with "YT" characters preceding it. Example, to trade our 5. CAN OF BEANS for player "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL" 30 YT type: /trade FURRY 5 YT30 4. CHAT COMMAND /FUSE /fuse [ID of first item] [ID of second item] [ID of third item] [ID of fourth item] fuse 4 of owned loot with SAME rarity into new one with ONE TIER HIGHER rarity. ID of loot can be seen after using "/check" command, like 1. 2. 3. etc. for example to fuse your 4 owned items, first use /check to see their IDs. Lets say our item IDs are 4, 6, 11 and 15: /fuse 4 6 11 15 will fuse them into new one. EXAMPLE RESULT: 4 x COMMON = 1 x UNCOMMON Exceptions: - Fusing 4 x ULTRA RARE will result in 1x ULTRA RARE. Legendaries cannot be received from such fuse. - Fusing 4 x LEGENDARY will result in 1x LEGENDARY.
  19. Unban/Un-Enslave Application Template Applications that do not adhere to the exact layout provided below will be ignored and cancelled.

 1) Create a new thread in this subforum.

 2) Copy out the following template, with all the questions, into the new thread. Your Steam Username: Steam Profile URL: What was the in-game name under which you were banned/enslaved?: Were you banned or enslaved?: When were you banned/enslaved? (Please state the exact time, date and your timezone): Your User ID (use this image to help you find it: i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png ): Have you waited for at least two hours after being banned/enslaved from the server? (This is to ensure that it was not a temporary ban/enslave): Name of the Admin who banned/enslaved you: What happened before you got banned/enslaved from the server? Please explain in as much detail as possible: Why do you wish to be unbanned/un-enslaved?:
  20. Community Warden Template [Personal Information] *Your In-game name: *Your Steam Name: *Your Steam Profile URL: *Number of Hours on Warband: *Age: *How high is the level of your English? Do you speak any other languages fluently other than it? *Can you please tell us a few words about yourself? [Server-related information] *For how long have you been playing on the Jailbreak server?: *Is there anyone who can vouch for you? (REQUIRED, JAILBREAK ADMINS ONLY!): *Please list all of the guidelines and rules for Community Wardens in your own words: *Your User ID (use this image to help you find it - i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png):
  21. Community Warden Rank Description/RULES. (CW) CW rank is a way in which normal player can use Purple Admin Chat to perform role of Warden, in absence of admin. This allows them to efficiently warden without having admin responsibilities/rights. CW can warden (or not) when he feels like it. Community Wardens can receive custom skins and guard team priority! Read here: jbr.boards.net/thread/56/admin-wardening-activity-reward-system Rules for Community Wardens: using purple chat for anything else than wardening is considered an abuse. while using purple chat, CW must follow same rules as server admins. No racial slurs are allowed, as well as any other edgy stuff. Doing so will be considered an abuse. CW cannot use purple chat/warden when there is admin present on server. CW cannot interrupt other CW that is already wardening. Don't need two or more players spamming purple chat orders, resulting in numerous unnecessary deaths. CW should report players breaking rules when he is wardening, that would normally result in a ban if an admin was present. If you need to leave but there are still players on server, type "@server wardens " on our discord general channel and then type "X players need admin". Normal and "/poll" polls done by CW will always temporary(2 hours) enslave player if passed. CW can make a poll against player only if: player did Mass RDM(2 or more players killed in quick succession). player constantly commits RDMs, even after explaining to him rules of server. player spams chat (warn first). player visibly tries to delay game (not suicides even after warning from CW, hides, etc). Player trolls in a way that ruins game for everyone(warn first, CW should always consider if using this case may not be treated as abuse). Not following any of above rules will result in rank removal or, in extreme cases, BAN. CW Chat commands: Command /y [text]will make anything typed after it appear in purple chat just like an admins command would. For example, typing /y KOS all out will show to everyone "KOS all out" in purple chat. Command /poll [player name/player name part] will make a poll against player. This poll may be done unlimited times and overrides any other poll that may be active. If passed it will temporary enslave said player. Let's say we have mass RDM from player called ANGRY_HOMOFURRY. Typing /poll ANGRY_HOMOFURRYwill make a enslave poll against him. We are aware that some players names may be hard to type. That's why this command accepts also parts of names. Typing /poll ANGRY_or /poll HOMOFURRYor /poll FURRYwill make poll against this player as well. It won't work only if there is another player with exact same part of name.
  22. EmielRegis

    Player Report Template Reports that do not adhere to the exact layout provided below will be ignored and cancelled.

 1) Create a new thread in this subforum. 2) Copy out the following template, with all the questions, into the new thread. • Are you wishing to report a player or an admin? (Pick one) • Your in-game name: • Name of the offending player or admin: • Time and Date of incident (please also include your timezone!): • Description of incident: 3) Answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Please leave spaces between the answer to a previous question and the next one. Only the questions, and not the answers, should be in bold font. 4) Please note that you are free to report multiple players/admins in the same report. 5) It is really helpful for us if you also upload screenshots capturing the incident! You can do this by simply adding links to images, or by clicking "Add Attachment" button at the upper right corner of your post! Avoid making screenshots of logs (logbanners have them) 6) Title your thread: "YourName - Admin Complaint [or] Player Complaint - Submitted Date" (e.g. BarnacleSandstorm0- Admin Complaint - Submitted 30/03/2016) (e.g 5Malakith2 - Player Complaint - Submitted 31/03/2016) Submit the application by clicking "submit" on the post. You are free to make edits to the application after submitting it. However, if you wish to report other players in the future, please submit a new application!
  23. In this thread I will specify what exactly the offenses that can and should be reported. Every case is different but I will gloss over what is and isn't punishable. The instant punishment offenses. •Mass RDM This one is very obvious and the most common. Mass RDM being defined as multiple RDMs in quick succession (2+ at minimum). This will result in a swift punishment. However, RDMing in not live is not punishable with a permanent enslavement. •RDM and leave. Self explanatory, killing someone and then exiting to avoid punishment •Mass RDM over a long period of time. This one is a bit trickier but also simple. If you have evidence of someone intentionally RDMing over a period of time they will be punished. A good example is this. The trolling offenses. •Trolling. In general this is not something that players will bring to our attention but admins will eventually notice a consistent pattern and take action. Trolling can be defined as breaking sapper defenses, opening gates, abusing polls, helping prisoners as guard, delaying the round, and being an annoyance to everyone. A single instance of someone acting up or abusing polls will not result in a permanent punishment. However, if they keep up this pattern of behavior admins will take action. (Example) •A single RDM. Yes, we've had reports over a single RDM. I understand this is annoying, but does not warrant an extreme punishment for an offense that is normally just a swap at worst. Unless this RDM was one in a string over a period of time, then it is punishable. In conclusion if your report does not fall into either of these categories. Ask yourself, does the punishment fit the crime? The only punishment we can give out for reports are permanent enslavement. If you think that would be harsh then it will likely not be approved. Commentary rules (Also can apply to unban request) •Reports are not meme threads. We do not need memes and other unimportant shit clogging up the comments section. These will be deleted without warning •Reports do not care for your personal opinion. Don't post your opinion, I hate to be blunt, but we don't give a shit. •Reports ARE for posting evidence and first hand accounts. Do you have screenshots? Post them. Did you see him do x yesterday? Tell us about it. Relevant information regarding the event and the accused are welcome and encouraged. Repeatably breaking these rules (Player and Admin) will result in punishment.
  24. EmielRegis

  25. Muh memose more magical tea

    we must prove our mental superiority over nrp with cringy memes and 80pop on average And btw dolan played y'all
  26. Muh memose more magical tea

  27. Generalissimus Kenway

    These days any activity on the NW server/discord is appreciated and so I am giving you this medal; I hope it makes you stay some more
  28. Emil

    Battle of Testing

    Battlefeed testing
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