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  2. Usta_Bronz

    Victim Usta_Bronz GUID 1786039 Suspect 19_th_Maj_El-Presidente Date 20.10.2018 Text Evidence İ go in server.A admin is make merry over me on my religion and my racial. Visual Evidence
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  4. joeriig

    looking forward to it!
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  6. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Can someone explain why the Times are using this post-apocalyptic image as their cover photo?
  7. Generalissimus Kenway

    I regret to inform you that your ''rule'' is nearing its end, your Majesty
  8. The Tax Collector

    Player name: The Tax Collector Which faction do you want to lead? France Why do you want to lead said faction? There is only one emperor, and while my enemies are many, my equals are none.
  9. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    I swear that you're LARPing as a retarded lib right now Did you even watch the video? I don't read the DM - people post links to it, and I click on them when I'm bored
  10. DukeOfWellington

    Campaign Ruleset update and more: Army Health and Balance mechanics: The Campaign will begin with 3 Nations with 2 Armies each. Every Army is worth 15 "AP" (Army Points), armies lose 1 AP just for participating in a battle and they also have the number of rounds they lost subtracted from their total ap, for example if the Confederation won 4-3 agains the Grande Republique and both armies were at full AP before the battle - both armies would lose 1 AP just for participating and then the GR would lose another 4 , for losing 4 rounds whilst the Confederation would lose 3. This is a balance mechanic to ensure one army can't win 21 battles and not lose a single man. Turn Order on the map and Beginning location for each army: -The CC's armies are will start on Providence and Wellington Village, -The CF's factions on Sarkow and Drepesk -The GR on L'Aumond and Rouez The turn sequence will be: Crown Commonwealth, Confederation of Liberated Lands, Grande Republique. Movement on the campaign map: -The CC will therefore have the very first move. Armies move from province to province. The maximum amount of movement is 2 provinces in friendly territory and 1 province of movement when moving from a friendly province into enemy territory or when moving from a enemy area to another hostile area. Armies can additionally move between occupied ports. This will take a total of 2 turns; 1 turn to embark and 1 to disembark. Battles: When 2 opposing armies collide on the campaign map, a battle ensues. Battles are planned to be fought on the server during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.The battles will be normal battle RP but with reserved officer slots; every three rounds the map is changed. A battle is won if one of the two involved faction reaches a total of 4 round victories first. When a faction reaches a total of 5 rounds, the campaign event is ended and the results will be translated to the campaign map. The faction that won the 4 rounds will be deemed the winner If an army scores below 1 ap point it is deemed destroyed and will be removed from the campaign map. Summary: lose 1 point automatically for participating in a battle + how many rounds you lost. Victory Condition(s): The Victory Condition is to take a total of 6 provinces; when one faction gains control of 6 out of the 9 settlement (all shown in a bolder shade of white on the campaign map), the campaign will end and the respective faction will be victorious! Islands: All the smaller islands namely: Ostrov Nirok Ostrov Erlok Ile de Burly Ile de Nevoy will start as unoccupied lands meaning that the first faction to get their armies onto it will assume ownership of X island. Date: We hope to begin the campaign in the next few weeks End + Infos: If you wish to help plan the campaign pm me on discord. Credits for this to all members on discord who have the "campaign developer role" As you my see abilities have not been mentioned, but we are looking into the possibility of implementing them in the next update so stay tuned!
  11. Generalissimus Kenway

    Player name: Generalissimus_Kenway Which faction do you want to lead? Prussia Why do you want to lead said faction? The soldiers need a strong leader-figure to boost their morale and fighting skill merely with his presence. I shall be one such leader :Scandy:
  12. The enemies of the Emperor of the French have gathered at the Congress of Vienna and declared him an outlaw. The powers of the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and Prussia mustered an army to depose the Emperor, whose now only option was to strike first with a decisive blow that would crush this newly formed Seventh Coalition. Both the Allied powers and the French had been moving ahead, trying to gain an advantage over their enemy. The Emperor divided his forces and secured a position between the forces of the Duke of Wellington and those of Gebhard von Blücher. A portion of the French army attacked Charleroi as a distraction. With Maréchal Ney taking care of the Allies at Quatre Bras, Napoléon could focus now on the bigger threat: the Prussians. The Prussians, having secured Sombreffe, marched to Fleurus, coming up from Namur, but the Emperor didn’t give much importance to the reports. Reports then came from Quatre Bras informing on the incoming Prussians – Napoléon’s orders to Ney were to concentrate his force and crush what was in front of him. The Emperor would in the meantime advance to Fleurus, leaving a force behind to secure Charleroi in the meantime. Blücher, having verified that his communication with Wellington’s forces are still uninterrupted, has accepted the Emperor of the French’s challenge and has taken a position to the rear of Fleurus, while Wellington’s forces remain in Quatre Bras. The Battle of Ligny is about to begin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We’re excited to announce a new event coming on Sunday the 28th of October. We will be recreating the Battle of Ligny which took place on 16th June 1815, which took place shortly before the infamous Battle of Waterloo. The battle resulted in a French victory; however this recreation could go either way, so the outcome of this battle could be very different to that of the real battle. For this event we are looking for two volunteers to lead both the French and Prussian armies as their respective generals. You can apply for either role in this post, and the staff will get in contact with you as soon as a decision is made. Application template Player name: Which faction do you want to lead? (France or Prussia.) Why do you want to lead said faction? (Just show some motivation.)
  13. Generalissimus Kenway

    Confederation...? Oh, you mean that meme faction they added just to meet the 3 faction quota?
  14. Chinese_Propaganda

    Haven't I already done that twice
  15. Lexxe

    I will only allow your existence and offer my protection, when you submit yourself to me fully.
  16. WaterPolo

    just for the record my Great Meme war post was the first in his reign sry
  17. WaterPolo

    but there was a video that came with it...
  18. WaterPolo

    but then again some executioners might really take pride in their work and enjoy sharping it after every use
  19. WaterPolo

    Probably not that often since the sheer weight of the guillotine is enough to severe heads probably
  20. WaterPolo

    fuck that, increase the explosion radius!
  21. Generalissimus Kenway

    You can run away from them if you see them being thrown. I think they are fine the way they are.
  22. Chinese_Propaganda

    The Confederation needs you! After various setbacks the Confederation is lacking in officers, ability doesn't matter you just need to be able to read discord! We currently need line infantry officers and a cavalry general, PM me on discord for more info!
  23. MiniSiege

    or what about making them have a longer pin time before going off ? so people can actual run away from erm
  24. Wilhelm_II

    that would honestly be a good improvement, maybe not to remove them entirely as they have their usefulness, but just to reduce the effect.
  25. Pew Pew You're Dead

    You can see when FG advance as they are very clearly shown. Their biggest weakness have always been "just shoot 'em", and grenades are made to prevent camping. Although I could always lower the explosion radius.
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