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  3. Scandypandy

    Can't find any record of what happened, but you were still muted at the time of this request. You should be able to use the discord now. Cheers!
  4. Ulfric_Stormcloak69

    Name smalljay32 (My discord name) GUID 0 Date I don't know Service Discord Reason(s) I don't think i've ever actually done anything in the discord aside from asking a few questions about the campaign months back, but I logged on today to see i've been banned and was just wondering why that was as I don't think I've done anything wrong?
  5. The_Docteur

    Decent RP list, however the rules for each specific RP can be expanded upon But, I know bmert and even though he is young he appears to be a good lad so far /vouch
  6. Ethelad

    Is this an admin app or a block of text.
  7. DukeOfWellington

    Roleplays section could be formatted alot better... For the moment no vouch or devouch from me.
  8. Name bmert06 or mert06 Age 13 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198230105904 GUID 1292440 Hours In-game 500 Previous Experience unfortunately i dont have any admin experience however i know how to use the admin panel Vouches (will add them later) Reason(s) i have been playing on this server for nearly 4 years and its my favourite server.İ know that its in a hard phase,but it can survive till bannerlord is out.And i think that NRP needs more admins from turkish timezone. Roleplays battle RP for less people:ramboing allowed no trolling surrender killing is allowed balanced.battle RP:follow your officer no BP spam no surrender killing balanced . linebattle RP:follow your officer random maps balanced no crouching no firing without your line.assasination RP balance in favour of russia the russia must go partizani the othr team must protect the general.war and peace RP:balanced admins pick generals the generals can make peace and start a war not obeying the general is not permitted.hunger games RP: both teams go partisani after they split up the admin alllows team killing. naval RP: no special rules dont kick people off the ships or dont act like an idiot while controlling the ship.bastille RP balanced in favour of russia russia must go partisani double assasination RP:balanced two generals both teams have to protect their general and attack the enemy one generals beaconed if the game turns toa hide n seek cav vs cav RP: no special rules everyone goes cav cav vs inf RP: balance in favour of inf the other team must go cav and not directly rush to the enemy. Etiquette and Server Rules no teamkilling/teamhitting;no wasting BP;no TNT spam;no spamming in chat;no foreign languages on chat(one or two words can be tolerated);no ramboing(unless its a RP that ramboing is tolerated);follow the RP rules no surrender killing(unless its a RP that surrender killing is tolerated) no trolling arty;no acting like an admin;no hacking;no trolling in general.
  9. WaterPolo

    lets bump this thread, I edited my original post with the new poll link
  10. WaterPolo

    https://www.strawpoll.me/15790705/r new poll
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  12. diomedes

    Declined. With admin maturity being such an important factor in my acceptance of applicants (mainly because of what happened to Jailbreak) I am unsure if you could be responsible at your age to be mature consistently. If you stay active within the community and are shown to be mature enough I will reconsider in a month, until then no applications will be considered.
  13. Scandypandy

    This thread outlines the changes to the community management which took place on 10/02/2019. Section 1: Community Staff Disbanded The entire community staff team has been disbanded. Those members of the community staff who were a part of the server admin team or the campaign/events management have been permanently moved over to those teams. Community staff ranks and channels has been archived and/or deleted. It's no longer possible to apply for community staff, see Section 2. Section 2: Community Coordinator To replace the community staff, the discord server will now be run by a single Community Coordinator with the ability to appoint extra team members to help him manage the community aspect of things for the duration of the required expertise or assistance. The community coordinator will be @Ewoksson. He was the creator of both the discord and forums and has spent the last several years aiding the community in countless ways, particularly in regards to the technical and community aspects. He understands NRP like few others and is a perfect fit for the role. Section 3: Events Team The various roles dedicated to the development of the campaign and other events will shortly be reworked into a more organised Events Team. The events team will be comprised of people who have a specific job and will be dedicated to providing the highest quality of events and to the running of the campaign. Section 4: Community Development The changes to the Community Management do not mean that continued development and growth of the wider community have come to a halt. Staff will continue to find ways to allow the community to provide ways for its members to all play together, whether in Napoleonic Wars or elsewhere. The Community we have built, and are continuing to build, will be planned to expand far beyond Napoleonic Wars itself. We're all contributing to the development of our community and joint effort will open up for a better, easier and more efficient environment, as long as everyone knows and does their part. If you have any questions on the matter feel free to contact me. Cheers, Scandy Change log The community coordinator team will exist on a bare minimum skeleton crew to manage immediate issues, with potential additional members when further assistance or expertise is required. Muted_kingdom_of_hell has been replaced with warned, where users can ask for estimated time until unmute and the underlying reasons. There are suggestions to read our rules again and forum links to make an unban or unmute request. The community staff roles has been removed and the community_staff channel has been replaced with community_coordination, where a google spreadsheet is available to report mutes and rule breakers is pinned to the channel description, with the option to state whether action has been taken or will be taken. The mute_report channel has been removed in response. Community coordinator will consist of a single role on forums and discord with the same perms as the Head of Community Staff role had to help with medal assignment and moderating threads. There will be no trial, senior, veteran or head role. Removed the naval action channels. Opened up the gaming category for all to see. I've since a few days back allowing regimental discord invites in regimental_invites. I've wrote and cleared up the responsibilities of each team in the nrp_duty.pdf in the channel #important on the discord server. I've since forever allowing faction leadership to mute raiders or screamers in their respective faction channels in readiness for the campaign and since cc is going to be a small team with the sole purpose to make stuff easier on an expertise and assistance basis. Important to know the difference between being assisted temporarily and asking for someone to overtake their job. The announcement channel should be used by admins for admin announcements, eg ''Waterloo right now with 200 players!'', ''Come for X role play!'', by campaign developers for campaign announcements, eg ''Faction leaders has been decided!'', ''Campaign event starting now!'', ''Join a faction today!'', and by community coordinators for general community announcements, eg ''We now got a Naval Action category!'', ''It's now possible to donate for a donator role on discord!'', ''Don't forget to check our giveaways!'', etc. I've since a week back been changing the non-discriminatory rule to a softer approach. Each case is a matter of context and we won't intervene on a basis of shit talk, but it'd be looked into should it ruin the joy for others or hurt the activity of the entire community. The rule against being an edgy cunt is mainly aimed towards the admin team because it consist of the representatives of our community towards other players, servers, communities and game developers, and therefore the community can also be held accountable for their action, and it's simply not appropriate to be edgy for the sake of edginess if we are to be seen as a somewhat mature community. As scandy already implied, campaign developers are from now on also a permanent team. The event team will be kept separately even if the campaigns would stop coming, or if a game like Bannerlord would be released. The team will only include actively engaged members of staff. The team will manage anything from the campaign events, to special weekend events or simply extra announced and advertised days where admins will be available. It's entirely up to the events team. I've added a donator only channel on the discord since two week back kinda as a VIP chat. I've added a campaign developer role on the forums which most, if not all team members, will have as a secondary group, as they're already in the admin team - to allow for moderation in the campaign forums. I've fixed the medals permissions since they've been messy since forever. Campaign developers, head admin and community coordinator got perms to add medals to those deserving and/or applying. I've contacted a selected few about CC duty, each having some kind of good trait and/or expertise, as well as being trustworthy, friendly and recognized by the community. / Ewok
  14. Otto_De_Adolf

    NRP Username: Otto_de_Adolf Discord Alias: Diomedes 2 Character Name: Diomedes II Dioson Faction: (Prussia or Austria or maybe Both?) Austria GUID: (The number displayed next to your name in the bottom left/chat when you join the NRP server) 1692326 What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc) Heir of a noble named Diomedes I of Innsbruck ( soldier of an important noble ). Diomedes II Dioson is an experienced soldier of an important heir who wishes to fight for his country against the Prussians because he hates them. Diomedes II Dioson was borned in 1822. He fought in many wars but he is mostly experienced as a footguard. He also fought in the British-French-Russian war ( campaing 1 lol ) as a mercenary under the name of Otto_de_Idk, Otto_de_Adolf or just as otto. He was also a officer in his timeline making him experienced with tactics as he also was officer in a battle of the British-French-Russian war. He only fought for the british in that war. He was also involved in the Crimean war wich he fought on the side of the British Empire and French Empire under the name of Otto_de_Adolf.
  15. Ethelad

  16. Solliedgold

    Otto, im gonna tell you something important. don't say nibba all the time 1 Don't waste our time 2 learn your fucking lessons like jesus everyone told ya not to say nibba but guess what? you kept saying it. 3 now i know im a trial admin but im gonna say /vouch fo now also Bepis gang :(((
  17. Dragan_Grgic

    NRP Username: Dragan_Grgic Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035757727/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1 I played a lot of commander battle so I want to test my abilities in real battle 2 Wanting to defeat Prussian dogs
  18. Otto_De_Adolf

    Rip vineyard...
  19. I have to go with Wilhelm on this one. Sorry.
  20. QeAntonio

    What the N word means? Everyone is talking about this.
  21. I would think before letting him even touch admin. The boy can't stop spamming N word in discord and has been muted 10 times due to him doing it. He also can not control his anger, He reminds me a bit of that Captain Jack guy.
  22. Llama Farmer

    /VOUCH Young but nrp has accepted young admins before. I say let him become a TA and prove himself.
  23. Wilhelm_II

    Stop spamming nigger in the discord channel every day you spastic donkey, also run your app through word or literally anything so you can fix your 377 spelling mistakes. Half the time you are on the server is spent trolling with Antonio (a fantastic admin). You are only 12 but somehow still manage to have a lower mental age, it’s truly impressive, so yeah it’s a /devouch from me.
  24. WaterPolo

    I asked him to apply for this, but I had no clue he was 12. If he were to become a TA he’d be held under strict guidelines. Knowing that, he needs to act as professional as he can as an admin. I guess it’s a vouch, as long as he understands he can’t act 12 if he joins the team. He needs to act mature and follow the rules.
  25. Abuse of vouches and it legitimately hurt my brain to read your reasons. Devouch.
  26. Generalissimus Kenway

    I agree with my benis brother - the app itself is good enough, which is... good; The only big problem is that you said you've had no admin experience. Still, I am going to give you my /vouch, provided you go and take your time with the RP guides, admin scripts and try to learn how the in-game admin panel and tools work, after you get accepted. tl;dr benis :DDDDDDDDDD
  27. The_Docteur

    Rather young, but a good app /vouch benis :-DDDDD
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