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Admin Application

It doesn't matter whether you're a previous admin, decorated member of our community or a new player: Read each description of the text fields carefully and respond accordingly. Our admins should be able to manage role plays in-game and write case reports about bans. Try to demonstrate your abilities below.

  • Your username, or in-game alias.

  • Eg, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Scandypandy.

    Server(s) you're applying to become a part of.

  • Your unique GUID is the the string of numbers sent by the server in the in-game welcome message each time you join the NRP, JB or Killbox servers.

  • Any previous experience as admin for other servers, or other experience which might come in handy. Earlier experience should be confirmed by the text field below concerning vouches.

  • Vouches from other admins confirming your fitness for the job and earlier experience. It may be vouches from NRP admins, but also from other communities. Vouches will be valid as long as you provide the necessary contact info needed for confirmation. Eg, link to their Steam profile(s) or screenshot(s) of conversations where they agree to vouch.

  • Medium length description of why you'd like to join the team. You may include your opinion of the server and its management, your personal experience with the role plays and server rules and/or your perspective on the adminship.
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